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Description :
Our series of chromes shelvings are consisting of: Chrome Triangle Shelving, Chrome Flat Shelving, Chrome Basket Shelving and Chrome Downslop Shelving. Optional height of 1600mm and 1800mm, more or less shelves are allowed. Optional castors provided.

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Product Details

ZWA-02# H1250*L600*W300 4-Tier Chrome Mini Basket Stand;

ZWA-03A# H1600*L450*W450 4-Tier Chrome Triangle Shelvings;ZWA-03B# H1800*L450*W450 5-Tier Chrome Triangle Shelvings;

ZWA-04A# H1600*L900*W350 4-Tier Chrome Flat Shelvings; ZWA-04B# H1800*L900*W350 5-Tier Chrome Flat Shelvings;

ZWA-05A# H1600*L900*W350 4-Tier Chrome Downslop Shelvings; ZWA-05B# H1800*L900*W350 5-Tier Chrome Downslop Shelvings;

ZWA-06A# H1600*L900*W450 4-Tier Chrome Flat Shelvings; ZWA-06B# H1800*L900*W450 5-Tier Chrome Flat Shelvings;

ZWA-07A# H1600*L900*W450 4-Tier Chrome Basket Shelvings; ZWA-07B# H1800*L900*W450 5-Tier Chrome Basket Shelvings;