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  • DIA.300*H650
Description :
We supply some items of pendant displaying stands.

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Product Details

ZJD-01# 3*3-Straight Double Hook-Display Stand(Black, White)  : L330*W220*H550mm,Tier Space 130mm, Hook Space 85mmk Hook Length 100mm

ZJD-02# 3*3-Barbed Double Hook-Battery Stand(Black, White):L330*W230*H600mm, Tier Space 140mm, Hook Space 80mm, Hook Length 100mm

ZJD-03# 2*5-Barbed Single Hook-Keyring Stand(Black, White):L220*W220*H400mm,Tier Space120mm,Hook Space 35mm, Hook Length 100mm

ZJH-02# 3*8-White Single Hook-Round Display Stand:DIA.210*H570mm, Tier Space 190mm, Hook Length 50mm

ZJH-01# 3*10-White Single Hook-Combined Display Stand :DIA.300*H650mm, Tier Space 200mm, Hook Length 140mm

ZJH-05# 3*10-Chrome Single Hook-Combined Display Stand:DIA.300*H650mm, Tier Space 200mm, Hook Length 140mm;