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Description :
We supply 3 sizes of clear pricing clips and 2 sizes of thumb-style plastic pricing clips. Single-side POP cards and Double-side Erable pricing cards are specially used for SALE, NEW ARRIVAL and HOT SALE.

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Product Details

BJD-03# L95mm Mini Clear Pricing Clip;                   BJD-05# L110mm Medium Clear Pricing Clip; 

BJD-01# L210mm Long-armed Clear Pricing Clip;

BJD-02# L150mm Thumb-style Plastic Pricing Clip; BJD-02A# L250mm Thumb-style Plastic Pricing Clip;

BJD-21# Small Laminating Erasable Pricing Card:Rectangle L160*W110mm,Optional Blank, SALE, SPECIAL, NEW ARRIVAL &HOT;

BJD-22A# Large Laminating Erasable Pricing Card:Rectangle L220*W160mm,Optional Blank, SALE, SPECIAL, NEW ARRIVAL &HOT;

BJD-23# Double-side POP Erasable Pricing Card:POP-Style L100*W70,Only Marked SALE;

BJD-24# Single-side POP Pricing Card:L80*W60mm,Optional Blank, SALE, NEW, NEW ARRIVAL &HOT;

BJD-25# Single-side POP Pricing Card:L180*W120mm,Optional Blank, SALE, NEW, NEW ARRIVAL &HOT;