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Description :
We supply different sizes of namecard cases with different color strings, metal chestcard with magnetic clip and smiling face image.

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Product Details

BJB-32# Aluminium Chestcard with Magnetic Clip: L75*H32mm;

BJB-51# Smiling Face Image with Safety Pin:3 sizes as dia.35mm, 45mm and 55mm;

BJB-3301# Lateral Namecard Case A1:L100*H68mm;

BJB-3302# Lateral Namecard Case A6:L148*H102mm;

BJB-3401# Vertical Namecard Case B3:L95*H126mm;

BJB-3402# Vertical Namecard Case B4:L105*H155mm;

BJB-35#  Namecard Case String:W15*L450mm,Optional Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Black color;

BJB-36# Namecard Case Clips;