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Description :
We supply brand name "Hua Lian" Tagging Gun, sizes of Tagging Pins, "G"-style Tagging Pin, Tagging Loops, Designed Color Tags and , White Plain Tags. Spare needles are available. Widely used for clothing, shoes, caps, handbags, socks and gloves etc.

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Product Details

BJH-01# "Hua Lian" Tagging Gun, Model# TG-2;

BJH-0101# Spare Tagging Needle: 5pcs/box;

BJH-0103~0107# Tagging Pins:L15,25,35,50, 65mm,Using Tagging Gun to put tags for Clothing, Shoes etc;

BJH-0108# "G"-style Tagging Pin with Tackle:L35mm,using tagging gun put tags for socks, gloves and caps;

BJH-0201#  Loop Pins:L5',manual way to put tags, just clip together, tagging gun not needed;

BJH-30# White Plain Tags: L90*W35mm;

BJH-31# Color Fashion Tags: L90*W35mm;