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Description :
When the width of access door is less than 1600mm you may only use 1 piece of Master AM EAS door; you must put another Auxiliary AM EAS door when the width of access door is more than 1600mm; We supply all relative AM fittings such as soft tag & demagnetic device, little hammer with needle/wire, wine bottle tag and tag opener etc.

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Product Details

BAC-2301#  AM EAS Master Alarm Device: When the width of the door is less than 1600mm, you may just use one piece of Master device;

BAC-2302#  AM EAS Auxiliary Alarm Device: You must add another Auxiliary Alarm Device if your door is wider than 1600mm;

BAC-2303#  AM Smart Soft Lable: 5000 stickers per box;

BAC-2304#  Am Smart Lable Demagnetic Device; 

BAC-2305#  Little Hammer with L19mm Needle;

BAC-2310#  Little Hammer with Iron Wire;

BAC-2306#  AM EAS Wine Bottle Tag;

BAC-2308#  AM EAS Tag Opener ;